Opposition fighters prepare counter attack to break Aleppo siege

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Hours following the Assad terrorists and their Shiite supports full control of the liberated areas in Aleppo city after occupying large parts of Kastello road, a prominent leader in Fatth Aleppo operation room confirmed that opposition fighters are getting ready for a large military task to recontrol the points occupied by Assad and Shiite terrorists confirming that Aleppo siege will be soon broken.


Aleppo city and the surrounding areas were heavily targeted by Assad regime during the last two months using all kinds of weapons, a leader in Sultan Murad Brigade said and added that in July 7 a message was sent to all opposition groups in Aleppo saying that an imminent danger was predicted but unfortunately the message was not dealt with seriously.


It is worth noting that Assad regime and Iran terrorists with the support of Russian jets besieged all eastern Aleppo yesterday following the occupation of about 5 KM of Kastello road to the north of the city.


Humanitarian disaster is aggravated in the liberated parts of Aleppo following the siege. Food and medicine are lacking while bombardment intensifies every day.
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