Military Casualties on Regime’s Side in Syrian Badia

5 troops of regime forces were killed or otherwise injured on Thursday in a blast of land mines in Badia.

Badia 24 mentioned on Thursday that several land mines scattered earlier by ISIS blew up in the district of Owerad Dam in the Syrian Badia.

The explosion of the land mines inflicted 5 casualties on the side of regime forces stationed in the Syrian Badia. The wounded troops were transported to nearby hospitals for

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Unknowns Assassinate Member in Regime Intelligence in Daraa

Unidentified persons assassinated a chief in regime’s military intelligence on Thursday in the countryside of Daraa.

Horan Free Collective, an activists collective, mentioned on Thursday that unknowns shot dead the chief in the Military Intelligence of regime Nazir al-Subih on the road between Daraa and Tafas.

He was described as a chief of reconciliation in the city of Daraa and Daraa Military Intelligence Directorate chief’s right hand.

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Regime Forces Arrest Former Head of Hara Local Council

Regime forces took into custody the former local council head in al-Hara city in the countryside northwest of Daraa within a wave of arrests conducted in the governorate.

al-Hara Coordination reported on Thursday that regime intelligence arrested the head of the local council in al-Hara city, his brother and a young man in a wave of arrests in its neighborhoods on Tuesday.

2 ladies in the city were detained within this wave and released hours later, the source added.

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Civilian Casualties and Exodus over Regime Bombardment against Rural of Hama

Two children passed away on Wednesday in regime artillery and missile assault against the countryside western Hama province.

Our reporter mentioned on Wednesday that regime forces pounded the villages and towns of al-Howez, al-Huriyya, al-Sharea’a, al-Towena and al-Karkat located in al-Ghab plain west of Hama city.

The shelling claimed the souls of one little girl in al-Huriyya and another in al-Towena village and injured another child in al-Towena in addition to several civilians.

Dozens families fled the towns and villages of al-Sharea’, al-Howez, al-Jamasa, al-Howez, al-Towena and Qalat al-Madiq in al-Ghab plain for areas more safe in northern Syria.

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4 ISIS Fighters Executed in Rural of Deir Ezzor

Ghraneig citizens executed several troops of ISIS on Monday in the town situated in the countryside eastern Deir Ezzor governorate.

Deir Ezzor 24, an activists collective, reported on Monday that people in the town of Ghraneig managed to captivate 4 ISIS fighters fled Baghooz Tahtani town for Ghraneig.

While attempting to escape from Ghraneig town to areas held by Syrian Democratic Forces, citizens of the town captured them and shot them dead at the roundabout downtown.

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Casualties on Side of ISIS Families in Shelling against Rural of Deir Ezzor

Women and children of ISIS fighters’ families were killed on Monday over artillery assault conducted by Syrian Democratic Forces against the countryside eastern Deir Ezzor governorate.

Deir Ezzor 24, an activists collective, reported on Monday that Syrian Democratic Forces shelled ISIS-held locations on the outskirts of al-Baghooz town in the rural eastern Deir Ezzor province.

Two women and two children of ISIS fighters’ families were killed and others wounded in the wake of the artillery assault.

International coalition forces and Syrian Democratic Forces conduct heavy bombardment against ISIS last enclave in the countryside east of Deir Ezzor.

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Final Push Against ISIS Eastern Syria

ISIS fighters in the last enclave in Deir Ezzor east of Syria are in their last stand against Syrian Democratic Forces.

US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces announced the launch of the final push to defeat ISIS under the theme “The Decisive Battle” in Deir Ezzor eastern rural where the bulk of ISIS remnants are in their last stand.

Syrian Democratic Forces spokesman Mustafa Bali said that Syrian Democratic Forces captured 41 locations held earlier by ISIS as the Forces close in on the last enclave of ISIS.

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Civilians wounded in Car Bomb Blast Northern Aleppo

Civilians were wounded this afternoon on Monday in an explosion of a car bomb in the countryside northern Aleppo governorate.

Our reporter mentioned on Monday that an explosive device inside a car blew up near Sandaf village north of Mara’a city situated in the countryside north of Aleppo wounding a number of civilians some of them in critical condition.

Civil Defense rescue workers rushed to the location to transport the injured to near hospitals, amid reports that one of them was transported to a hospital in Turkey .

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Material Damages Over Dam Parts Collapse in Deir Ezzor

Parts of a dam located in the countryside western Deir Ezzor province led to ruins in civilians’ properties.

Deir Ezzor News Network reported that parts of al-Roum dam in the rural west of Deir Ezzor came down on Sunday evening resulting in material damages in civilians’ properties in the villages situated in the area, particularly Maheimidah.

Heavy rain falls in the area led to unprecedent water level rise, so that parts of the dam collapsed resulting in the flooding of several villages, according to local sources.

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ISIS Executes 2 Troops of Syrian Democratic Forces Eastern Deir Ezzor

ISIS executed 2 fighters of Syrian Democratic Forces after capturing them earlier in the countryside eastern Deir Ezzor province on Sunday.

Deir Ezzor 24, an activists collective, reported on Sunday that ISIS shot dead 2 militants one of them from Hasakah governorate and the other one from Mashikh village in the rural of Deir Ezzor.

These troops were captivated earlier in battles with Syrian Democratic Forces.

ISIS fighters launched mortar shells against the outskirts of Bu Kamal city in the countryside eastern Deir Ezzor province.

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