Regime Forces Evacuate Deir Ezzor’s Mayadeen City Over Washington Warning

Regime forces have started recently to pull its troops out of areas in Deir Ezzor eastern countryside following American demands.

Regime forces located in Mayadeen city in the eastern rural of Deir Ezzor started in the early morning on Saturday to pull the heavy arms and military equipments out of Mayadeen city amid hovering by the air force of US-led Coalition in the area airspace, Deir Ezzor-24 reporter said.

The destination of the withdrawing troops from Mayadeen city would be Deir Ezzor city regime’s main stronghold in the area, the source added.

This occurs concurrently with the arrival of military reinforcements for International Coalition forces to Deir Ezzor rural and Hasaka.

It is worthy to mention that the air force of International Coalition dropped leaflets two days ago on al-Mayadeen city in the eastern area demanding regime forces and its militias to clear the city for the first time since seizing it from ISIS in last October.

Syrian Press Center

Exodus Of Kafrnapoda Town In Hama Northern Countryside

Kafrnapoda town which is located in the northern rural of Hama, has witnessed on Saturday morning and yesterday exodus due to the air strikes and fear of regime forces’ progress to it.

Families from Kafrnapoda in Hama northern rural have left the town and headed the nearby farms fearing regime forces’ advancement from al-Mogher Camp south the town, our reporter said.

Regime seeks progress to al-Sakher village east the town empower its points not leaving a gab for rebels who are attempting to advance in the area, activists mentioned.

Two days, several factions launched the battle “Anger For Ghouta”,where they managed to advance to Karnaz town and seize it for only couple hours as regime force regained it later covered with intensive Russian air raids.

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3 Martyrs In Eastern Ghouta Air Raids

3 civilians passed away and scores others have been injured in eastern Ghouta cities over air strikes on the area.

2 civilians passed away in Kafrbatna city in eastern Ghouta in the wake of air strikes by military fighters on the city on Wednesday, activists reported.

Besides, warplanes waged similar air raids on Jisreen town leaving one civilian martyr and a number of wounded persons who were transported to nearby clinics.

In a relative respect, Harasta city was raided as well by warplanes leading to injured civilians and big damages in properties.

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Air Raids By Warplanes On Dara’ Governorate

Military fighters have targrted again different areas in Dara’ governorate for the second time after similar raids on Monday.

Warplanes have waged 8 air strikes on Tuesday targeting Hamer and Maseika villages in al-Lojat area, in addition to 6 other raids on each town of al-Haram and Bosir-alhareer towns. Besides, one air raid hit Alama town east Dara’ resulting in 3 wounded persons and destruction in properties.

These raids come after a day of nearly 18 air strikes on cities and towns of Dara’ province which is included within de-escalation areas deal singed in Astana.

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Martyred Child, Wounded In Regime Offensive Of Hama Western Countryside

A child passed away and others have been injured in artillery pounding of villages in al-Ghab plain in Hama western countryside.

One child passed away and other civilians got injured in Qleideen village in the wake of launchers bombardment from Joreen Camp of villages in Hama western rural, our reporter said.

Besides, the villages of al-Ankaway and al-Diqmaq in Hama western rural were similarly raided; while Kafrzaita, Lahaya and Latamina in the northern rural were shelled as well destroying a number of houses.

It is worthy to mention that regime camp in Joreen town repeatedly targets areas included in de-escalation deal in Hama western rural.

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Barrel Bombs On Jisr al-Shughur City Leave One Wounded

Regime helicopters have targeted the residential districts of Jisr al-Shughur city west Idlib with barrel bombs on Saturday.

Footages on Idlib Media Center official page revealed the massive destruction in properties in the wake of 3 barrel bombs by regime copters, where the offensive led to one injured civilian.

Besides, Bishlamon village outskirts in Jisr al-Shughur rural were similarly raided with no reports of the toll; at the time, regime forces in al-Akkrad mountain in Lattakia rural targeted Bidama town in Idlib western countryside.


Syrian Press Center

2 Martyrs In Harasta’s Scores Raids

Activists in eastern Ghouta have documented 2 martyrs and some wounded in the raids on Harasta’s residential districts since the morning.

2 civilians passed away and others have been wounded in Russian air strikes on Harasta districts in eastern Ghouta, accompanied with barrel bombs by regime helicopters on the area since the morning, Jobar Media Center reported.

Dozens air raids by Russian air force have targeted Harasta city, concurrently with the battles taking place between rebels and regime forces in the area amid attempts by the latter to advance to Mesraba town, the source added.

In a relative respect, Jisreen town in eastern Ghouta was similarly raided by Russian warplanes; civil defense reported 8 raids and 2 barrel bombs on Douma city leaving wounded civilians.


Syrian Press Center

5 Martyrs In Raids On Idlib Southern Rural

5 civilians passed away and others have been injured in air strikes on Idlib southern countryside.

Russian air force has committed a massacre against 5 martyrs, and wounded civilians critically in Kafrsajna town in Idlib southern countryside, our reporter said.

Idlib Media Center posted footages revealing the massive destruction in residential districts and shops, concurrently with bombardment of Latamina and Kafrzaita cities in Hama northern countryside; while Shahashabo Mount villages and Qalet al-Madeeq city in Hama western countryside were raided by warplanes.


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Free Army Controls 11 Villages In Afrin Area


Free Army backed by Turkey, have controlled over 11 villages in Afrin outskirts within the operation of Olive Branch.

Within Olive Branch operation, Free Army has announced seizing villages in Janeirus area and 2 others in Bulbul area, in addition to 4 villages in Sharan area and al-Khaldia village in Mreimeen area.

This fast progress follows Free Army capture of Janeirus locality south Afrin after battles with PKK and PYD forces.

Syrian Press Center

Regime Forces Continue Escalation On Eastern Ghouta Citizens


10 civilians and 3 members of Civil defense passed away, and others have been wounded in the wake of air strikes by regime and Russia on eastern Ghouta on Thursday.

Regime forces continue the military escalation on cities and towns of eastern Ghouta in Damascus countryside, where helicopters and warplanes of regime and Russian air force waged raids on Douma, Arbeen, Zamalka, Saqba and Hamoria resulting in 10 civilian martyrs, activists reported.

In this relative, regime forces targeted most areas of eastern Ghouta with artillery and rockets leaving more civilian casualties.

Syrian Press Center