Woman Passes in Explosive Device Blast East of Idlib

A lady passed away as an explosive device blew up inside a carpet near al-Qala’a masjid northern Ma’aret al-Numan.

Ma’aret al-Numan Media Center reported on Sunday the death of one woman in a blast of an explosive device near al-Qala’a masjid north of Ma’aret al-Numan. The body was pulled out by Civil Defense and delivered to her relatives.

Scores land mines and explosive devices have exploded in the last few months in Idlib province claiming the souls of dozens civilians and military personnel, and wounding others

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Civilian Martyred Out of Wounds in Land Mine Blast North of Aleppo

One civilian from Maranaz village northern Aleppo province, passed away due to wounds he had days ago in explosion of a land mine of YPG’s war remnants.

Aleppo Today network mentioned on Sunday the death of a citizen from Maranaz village, which is located in the countryside north of Aleppo, as he was injured earlier over a blast of YPG’s remnant land mine.

The land mine blew up on a highroad in Maranaz 3 days ago wounding civilians including a child.

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Regime Forces Evacuate Deir Ezzor’s Mayadeen City Over Washington Warning

Regime forces have started recently to pull its troops out of areas in Deir Ezzor eastern countryside following American demands.

Regime forces located in Mayadeen city in the eastern rural of Deir Ezzor started in the early morning on Saturday to pull the heavy arms and military equipments out of Mayadeen city amid hovering by the air force of US-led Coalition in the area airspace, Deir Ezzor-24 reporter said.

The destination of the withdrawing troops from Mayadeen city would be Deir Ezzor city regime’s main stronghold in the area, the source added.

This occurs concurrently with the arrival of military reinforcements for International Coalition forces to Deir Ezzor rural and Hasaka.

It is worthy to mention that the air force of International Coalition dropped leaflets two days ago on al-Mayadeen city in the eastern area demanding regime forces and its militias to clear the city for the first time since seizing it from ISIS in last October.

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Exodus Of Kafrnapoda Town In Hama Northern Countryside

Kafrnapoda town which is located in the northern rural of Hama, has witnessed on Saturday morning and yesterday exodus due to the air strikes and fear of regime forces’ progress to it.

Families from Kafrnapoda in Hama northern rural have left the town and headed the nearby farms fearing regime forces’ advancement from al-Mogher Camp south the town, our reporter said.

Regime seeks progress to al-Sakher village east the town empower its points not leaving a gab for rebels who are attempting to advance in the area, activists mentioned.

Two days, several factions launched the battle “Anger For Ghouta”,where they managed to advance to Karnaz town and seize it for only couple hours as regime force regained it later covered with intensive Russian air raids.

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Over 20 Suffocations In Hamoria In Regime Poisonous Chlorine Gas Offensive

A number of civilians got hurt last night in the wake of new toxic chlorine gas pounding of residential districts in eastern Ghouta.

More than 20 civilians suffered from suffaction last night as a helicopter of regime drooped a barrel bomb loaded with chlorine on residential areas in Hamoria city in eastern Ghouta, where this is the third toxic chlorine attack this month in less than a month on the city, Jobar Media Center reported.

The attack occurred concurrently with over 65 air raids by regime jets and Russian warplanes on the city neighborhoods resulting in a massacre against 13 civilians including 4 children and 2 women.

Due to the fierce unprecedented pounding campaign, activists have launched a plea from Hamoria city to save nearly 5 thousand besieged persons, and force regime and its allies to halt the offensive on the city and eastern Ghouta.


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Olive Branch Controls 3 Villages, Hill In Afrin Outskirts

Forces of Olive Branch have captured on Thursday new villages in Afrin area in Aleppo countrtside from PKK and YPD forces.

The operation room of Olive Branch has announced seizing al-Zarqa, Ghaloor villages, Barkish Mountain and 1102-Hill on Admanly frontline in Afrin area, in addition to al-Mahbia village on Bulbul frontline northwest Afrin after clashes with PYD and PKK forces.

The attack occurred concurrently with Turkish artillery pounding of PYD and PKK forces’ locations in Deir Jamal and the nearby villages in Aleppo countryside, a commander in Free Army mentioned.

It is worthy to mention that the Turkish forces backed with Free Army factions have launched an attack on Afrin area in Aleppo countryside on 20th of January to cast out PYD and PKK forces from the area.

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21 Martyrs In Douma City In Regime Offensive In Last 48 Hours

Civil Defense operating in eastern Ghouta have documented, on Thursday, more than 20 civilian martyrs in artillery pounding of residential districts in Douma city in the last two days.

21 civilians including 6 women passed away in Douma city in eastern Ghouta in the last 48 hours in artillery shelling launched by regime forces of the city neighborhoods, concurrently with the clashes taking place in its outskirts between regime forces and rebels, Civil Defense declared in a statement on its official page.

In relative news, activists authenticated martyred child from Hamoria town in eastern Ghouta over Russian air raids on Haza town early on Thursday morning.

Besides, the raids with internationally-forbidden Napalm at dawn on Thursday on Kafrbatna led to wounded civilians.

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3 Martyrs In Eastern Ghouta Air Raids

3 civilians passed away and scores others have been injured in eastern Ghouta cities over air strikes on the area.

2 civilians passed away in Kafrbatna city in eastern Ghouta in the wake of air strikes by military fighters on the city on Wednesday, activists reported.

Besides, warplanes waged similar air raids on Jisreen town leaving one civilian martyr and a number of wounded persons who were transported to nearby clinics.

In a relative respect, Harasta city was raided as well by warplanes leading to injured civilians and big damages in properties.

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Rebels Factions Announce Capturing Karnaz Town West Hama

Opposition factions have announced controlling Karnaz town in Hama western rural within the battle “Anger For Ghouta” that has been launched on Wednesday.

al-Ahrar Army- a faction participating in “Anger for Ghouta” battle- has declared on Wednesday, that Karnaz town in Hama western countryside becomes under rebels’ control after hours of seizing regime forces-held military point in al-Hamamiyat village.

Karnaz is the biggest town from the side of Sqeilbia and Mahrda cities, where it is the first defending line for these cities. Besides, 3 camps of regime forces are located in the towns’ outskirts

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Rebels Factions Control Military Points Of Regime West Hama

Rebels factions have managed on Wednesday to control regime forces-held al-Hamamiyat Camp in Hama western countryside.

Opposition forces of “Anger For Ghouta” battle have managed, on Wednesday, to seize al-Hamamiyat Camp in Hama western countryside from regime forces, where al-Ezza Army, Ahrar Army, al-Sha’ab Army, al-Enqaz Corps, al-Hamza Brigade, al-Treimsa Martyrs Brigade and Tahrir Syria Front have launched “Anger For Ghouta” battle.

Besides, the factions managed as well to capture several important points in Krnaz town after fierce battles with regime forces.
Rebels have gained in this battle a BMB vehicle.

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