New Batch of Regime Deaths From Tartuse Amid Anger Of Citizens

It has been few days for the death of 13 soldiers of regime forces including officers from Tartuse province and its countryside, till announcing a new batch of deaths of regime forces -15 soldiers- yesterday on Friday where they were killed in the last engagements with rebels in Hama countryside and the outskirts of the capital Damascus.

This comes amid anger and resentment of the citizens in the province and resentment
about tge miserable condition of Assad army.


26 Deaths & Dozens Wounded So Far The Toll of 5 Explosions Rock Districts Four Syrian Provinces

5 explosions targeted four areas of regime where two occurred in Tartus, another in Hasaka, another in Homs and one in Damascus countryside in Alsabbora district leaving dozens deaths and injured.

In Tartus police reported that the two explosions occurred on the highway killing 11 persons and injuring 45 anothers where the first was with a car bomb while the other with other with belt bomb. The explosion in Homs killed 7 where it was carried out with car bombin Bab-tadmor checkpoint near Alzahraa neighborhood. Five others were killed due to motorcycle bomb in Alhasaka city at the time five others were killed in Alsobora area in Damascus countryside due to another explosin.