7 Bodies Recovered from Mass Grave in Raqqa

First Response Team on Sunday pulled out bodies from a mass grave in the city of Raqqa.

Jirf News website mentioned on Sunday that civilians living near Moaouya School downtown Raqqa city reported the presence of unpleasant smells from under the rubble of houses near the school.

First Response Team searched under the rubble of the ruined houses and managed to find 7 bodies belonging to civilians and recovered them.

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American Patrol Raid Neighborhood in Raqqa City

A patrol of US strormed into al-Mashlab neighborhood in the city of Raqqa.

Euphrates Post reported on Sunday that an American patrol of several Hummer cars raided the neighborhood of al-Mashlab inside Raqqa city and arrested an internal refugee from Deir Ezzor for unknown reasons.

This occurred in a timeframe coinciding intensive flight of helicopters of International Coalition over al-Mashlab neighborhood and Raqqa city.

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Syrian Democratic Forces Mourn 18 Fighters North of Raqqa

Syrian Democratic Forces held a funeral for 18 fighters of their forces in Tal Abyad city, as they were killed by ISIS eastern Deir Ezzor governorate.

Hawar news agency mentioned on Saturday that hundreds citizens, commanders and fighters affiliated to Syrian Democratic Forces attended the funeral of 18 troops of the latter who were killed days ago in Hajin city east of Deir Ezzor by ISIS.

Battles between ISIS and Syrian Democratic Forces are grinding on amid heavy bombardment by the latter of the territory east of Deir Ezzor despite tens thousand civilians are in the area.

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5 Children Wounded in Raqqa’s Blast

5 children were injured as an explosive device blew up in front of a headquarter of Syrian Democratic Forces near the Zoo in Raqqa city.

“Raqqa is Being Silently Slaughtered” website mentioned on Tuesday the injuries of 5 children in a blast of an explosive device downtown Raqqa city before a headquarter used by troops of Syrian Democratic Forces. The explosive device blew up while they were searching in the garbage.

Dozens blasts have occurred in Raqqa city in the last months resulting in scores civilian martyrs and wounded persons.

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Protests In Raqqa Against Syrian Democratic Forces Procedures

Citizens in Raqqa city held demonstrations on Thursday against the arbitrary actions followed by Syrian Democratic Forces in the city.

“Raqqa is Being Silently Slaughtered” website reported on Thursday that scores civilians protested in al-Mansora street located in the city of Raqqa.

These protests came in the wake of arresting a young man Wednesday evening.

Syrian Democratic Forces conduct several waves of arrest against young men for compulsory recruitment.

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Syrian Democratic Forces Abort Explosive Devices Assault in Raqqa

Syrian Democratic Forces found 3 mines near al-Sakhrat mill on the highroad Raqqa-Tal Abyad and managed to defuse them.

Hawar news agency mentioned on Wednesday that Syrian Democratic Forces detected 3 explosive devices in plastic bags thrown near the mill on the highway Raqqa Tal Abyada.

Syrian Democratic Forces managed to defuse the mines without knowing perpetrators.

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YPG Launches Wide Arresting Campaign Against Raqqa Citizens

YPG forces have launched since the morning on Monday, random arresting campaigns against civilians in Raqqa western rural, for compulsory recruitment.

The Kurdish YPG forces arrested scores young men for compulsory recruitment in Tabqa city and the villages located in the western rural, through erecting checkpoints at cities and towns entrances, Raqqa Campaign reporter said.


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  Martyrs In Land Mine Of ISIS Remains In Raqqa Rural

Activists authenticated 3 civilian martyrs in a land mine of ISIS remains in the northern rural of Raqqa.

3 civilians from Zoor Shimer village passed away on Friday in the wake of a land mine of ISIS remains in the village of Ratla village in Raqqa countryside, Raqqa Silently Slaughtered page mentioned.

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Syrian Democratic Forces Announce Full Control Over Raqqa City

Syrian Democratic Forces have announced on Tuesday, controlling the city of Raqqa completely after battles with ISIS for months, with the support by the air force of US-led Coalition.

Reuters reported sources in Syrian Democratic Forces, that fighters of Syrian Democratic Forces raised the flag of Euphrates Anger on the last stronghold of ISIS in the Raqqa city, so that the Forces have completely seized the city.

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Syrian Democratic Forces Seize New Districts In Raqqa City

Syrian Democratic Forces have managed to control new neighborhoods in Raqqa city advancing over ISIS in the wake of violent clashes between the two parties lately last night.

Syrian Democratic Forces are reported to advance over ISIS in Raqqa city capturing al-Badow and al-Sakhani neighborhoods after brutal engagements with ISIS fighters on Monday afternoon.


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