Rebels Progress In Qunaitra Countryside

Rebels continue to advance over regime forces and its militias in Qunaitra and its countryside in the battles that have been taking place for 3 days.

Activists reported on Sunday that rebels factions had waged a sudden attack on locations of regime forces and Hezbollah militias in Qunaitra rural on two fronts of al-Hamediyya and western al-Samdaniyya, leaving deaths and wounded among the latter.


Violent clashes between regime forces and rebels in the countryside of Kenitra

Regime forces backed by Iranian militias, on Wednesday at dawn, tried to advance on the axil of Asamadanah town in the countryside of Quneitra amid artillery and missile shelling after the utter failure of the progress on any front against the rebels across Syria before the Astana3 meeting , as it took place violent clashes in center of town which his forces suffered heavy losses forced it to retreat.

The regime forces and militias that support them are trying from the beginning of this March to advance on several fronts in the provinces of Daraa and the Damascus neighborhoods east of Damascus, Homs, Hama and Aleppo; to make victory against opposition forces, before starting a new round of Astana meeting scheduled for March 15.
Syrian press center

After Truce Announcement.. Rebels Announce “The South Qaddisia” Battle In Quneitra Countryside

Fateh Alsham and Ahrar Alsham in addition to some factions announced in a statement the launch of “The South Qaddisia” battle in Quneitra countryside after one day of announcing cease fire in all Syria starting 9n Monday.
Rebels declared after the launch of the battle yesterday on Saterday, controling three military brigades in Quneitra northern countryside besides Alhomrei village after battles with regime forces killing 16 if regime forces while 12 fighters of rebels from Daraa were martyred.