Martyr in Fresh Bombardment in Khan Shaykhoun

One civilian passed away and others were wounded in Khan Shaykhoun city in the countryside southern Idlib governorate as regime forces renewed shelling of the city.

Our reporter mentioned on Sunday the death of a young man and the wounds of several people in a fresh assault launched by regime forces deployed in the countryside of Hama against Khan Shaykhoun city in the rural south of Idlib.

This comes one day after committing a massacre against 7 civilians and wounding 8 others including 4 children, over pounding the city with scores ground to ground missiles.

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Martyrs in Regime Shelling of Rural in Idlib

3 civilians passed away on Saturday in Ma’aret al-Numan city in the countryside eastern Idlib governorate as regime forces shelled the city.

Our reporter mentioned on Saturday the deaths of two young men and an unidentified woman and the injuries of 6 civilians in the city of Ma’aret al-Numan southern Idlib governorate after regime forces stationed in the rural east of Idlib launched artillery and missile assault against the city.

Besides, regime forces massacred 6 civilians including 2 children and 3 women in Khan Shaykhoun city south of Idlib over regime’s artillery and missile shelling of the city.

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Young Man Killed by Unknowns in Idlib

The body of a young man was found in the countryside northern Idlib governorate on Thursday as he was killed with 2 bullets in the head.

Activists mentioned on Thursday that a 16-year young man had been kiddnapped for 12 days from Kiftin village by gunmen who demanded for ransom his relatives could not afford.

The body of the youth was found where he has shot with 2 bullets in head. Kiftin citizens expressed their anger and concern over abduction cases amid the security chaos.

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2 Martyrs in Regime bombardment against Rural of Idlib

2 civilians passed away and others got injured on Sunday as regime forces launched artillery assault against the town of al-Teh situated in the countryside southern Idlib governorate.

Our reporter mentioned on Sunday that regime forces pounded al-Teh town southeast of Idlib using rocket launchers and heavy artillery resulting in two martyrs and wounded persons as initial toll.

Meanwhile, regime heavy artillery shelled the town of Jarjanaz town southeast of Idlib and the villages and towns of Latamni, Kafarzaita, Hasraya and al-Sakhir northern Hama province.

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Martyr in Regime Forces Shelling Against Idlib’s Talminis

One civilian passed away and others were injured this noon on Thursday as regime forcres pounded the neighborhoods of Talminis town situated in the rural southeast of Idlib.

Our reporter said that regime forces in Abo Omar village eastern Idlib province launch missile assault with over 15 missiles against Talminis town east of Ma’aret al-Numan city claiming the soul of one civilian and wounding others including one woman.

Meanwhile, regime forces for the second day pounded Jarjanaz town with highly explosive missiles leaving massive destruction.

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Civilian Martyr in Regime Artillery Shelling West of Aleppo

One civilian passed away on Sunday in artillery shelling conducted by regime forces against the countryside west of Idlib.

Our reporter mentioned the death of one civilian this evening, as regime forces based in the rural of Lattakia shelled the outskirts of al-Najia town and Mara’and village in Jisr al-Shughur western Idlib province.

For the third straight day, regime forces violate the announced cease fire announced in Buffer Zone shelling the villages and towns in liberated areas in Hama, Idlib and rural of Aleppo.

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Civilians Wounded in Rural Southern Idlib

2 civilians were injured this morning on Thursday in regime shelling of areas situated in the rural south of Idlib.

Our reporter said that regime forces in Abo Dally village southeast of Idlib launched artillery shells against residential districts in the town of al-Teh southern Idlib province leading to the injuries of 2 children and killing some sheep.

Up until last December 24, the Syrian Network for Human Rights documented 45 civilian martyrs in Buffer Zone in Idlib, Hama and Aleppo since Sotchi Agreement brokered by Turkey and Russia in September,17.

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Martyr and Wounded Civilians in Regime Bombing of Camp South of Idlib

One civilian was martyred and others were injured on Monday as regime forces launched missiles against a refuging camp in the countryside southern Idlib governorate.

Our reporter said on Monday that regime forces pounded a camp of refugees in Hass town in the rural south of Idlib city using heavy artillery and rocket launchers.

The bombardment resulted in one martyred 14-year child and more than 4 wounded civilians.

Syrian Press Center

Artillery Shelling of Jisr al-Shughur Following Overnight Russian Airstrikes

Following overnight Russian air strikes on the district of Jisr al-Shughur, regime forces launched heavy shelling of the district and its rural in the countryside western Idlib province.

Jisr al-Shughur City Coordination, an activists collective, reported that Regime heavy artillery stationed in Lattakia countryside and rural west of Hama pounded the town of al-Najia and Marand in the rural of Jisr al-Shughur with over 15 missiles.

Meanwhile, regime forces shelled the village of al-Qarqour in al-Ghab plain western Hama province using rocket launchers.

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Calls For Strike in Money-Exchane Centers and Jewellery Stores Northern Syria on Sunday

Activists and owners of money-changing centers in Northern Syria called for a general strike on Sunday to protest against an incident of plundering a jewellery store in Sarmada city northern Idlib governorate.

Activists and owners of money-exchange centers called for the general strike on Saturday to shut jewellery stores and money-changing centers in liberated areas in northern Syria, in the wake of robbing a jeweller in Sarmada and killing his son-in-law.

Killing, abduction and robbery by unidentified persons prevail in northern Syria due to security chaos.

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