Military Casualties on Regime’s Side in Syrian Badia

5 troops of regime forces were killed or otherwise injured on Thursday in a blast of land mines in Badia.

Badia 24 mentioned on Thursday that several land mines scattered earlier by ISIS blew up in the district of Owerad Dam in the Syrian Badia.

The explosion of the land mines inflicted 5 casualties on the side of regime forces stationed in the Syrian Badia. The wounded troops were transported to nearby hospitals for

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Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Announce Graduation of 200 Militants of Hezbollah in Palmyra

Activists reported that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in the rural of Homs announced the graduation of new batch of Hezbollah fighters.

Palmyra News network mentioned that 200 fighters of Hezbollah militias graduated after receiving a one-month training by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in a camp affiliated to Iran on the outskirts of Palmyra.

The Revolutionary Guards and Hezbollah work on recruiting the largest possible number of volunteers, including former fighters in opposition factions.

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Jordanian Army Shoots At Civilians in al-Rukban Camp

Activists reported that the Jordanian border guards shot indiscriminately at civilians in al-Rukban border camp.

Palmyra News Network, a Facebook page, reported the panic people in al-Rukban Camp went through following shooting by the Jordanian border guards, especially after an earlier shooting at the Camp claimed the soul of a woman last November.

A month earlier, Jordan announced its intention to coordinate with Russia and US to find a definitive solution for the camp sheltering over 60 thousand Syrian refugees

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Regime Forces Mourn 31 Troops Killed in Battles

Regime forces held a funeral for 31 unidentified troops who were killed in battles in the rural of Homs and Idlib, in Homs city on Thursday.

“National Defense in Homs and Its Rural” Facebook page reported that regime forces gathered to attend the funeral of troops killed in confrontations in the countryside of Homs and Idlib.

The funeral launched from Homs Military Hospital after running DNA tests on the bodies to identify them later. They were buried in al-Firdous graveyard in Homs city.

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Coalition Attacks Queue of Regime in Homs Rural

US-led Coalition pounded on Sunday evening a military queue of Regime forces near al-Tanf base in the rural of Homs.

Sana news agancy reported a source in regime that the American troops deployed in al-Tanf military base launched several missiles at military outposts of regime south al-Sikhni city in Homs rural at 8 pm leaving damages.

International Coalition troops in al-Tanf base have targeted military column of regime and militias of Iran and Iraq in al-Badia area killing scores and destroying vehicles.

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Regime Forces Search for Queue Lost in Badia

A military queue of regime was lost as it left al-Sikhni city in al-Badia district between Homs rural and Deir Ezzor.

Jirf News website reported on Saturday that regime forces stationed on the outskirts of al-Sikhni area lost contact with a military queue, including 5 armored vehicles affiliated to Brigade-67 in Division-11, shortly after leaving the area to the territory between Homs and Deir Ezzor.

Under pressure from Russia, regime earlier this month agreed to allow IS fighters to leave Suwayda Badia to rural east of Homs.

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Civilian Passes, Others Wounded in Land Mine Blast Southwest Homs

One child passed away and others were injured as a land mine exploded in a field in al-Qisir area western Homs province.

Homs Media Center Facebook page mentioned on Saturday the blast of a land mine in a field in the area between al-Ghasania and al-Shomaria in al-Qisir district southwest Homs claiming the soul of one child and wounding 2 civilians.

Regime forces scattered hundreds land mines in rural of Homs earlier when rebels were controlling the area; several mines of them blew up recently costing lives of civilians and wounding others .

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Young Man Dies As Clinic Refuses Transporting him to Jordan

The clinic on the Syria-Jordan border in al-Rukban Camp refused transporting a young man to Jordan, as he died later.

Euphrates Post network mentioned on Tuesday the death of a youth after several day suffering from illness, as he was in a critical condition but the clinic in al-Rukban Camp by the Jordanian border refused to transport him to Jordan.

Several persons including women and children died in al-Rukban Camp over illness as UNICEF clinic refused the entrance of patients to Jordan’s hospital.

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Failed Progress Attempt By Regime In Homs Northern Rural

Rebels factions have managed on Wednesday to fight off a new attempt by regime forces to advance in the area.

Ahrar al-Sham Movement fighters have aborted another attempt by regime forces and its troops to advance on the frontline of al-Mahata in the northern rural of Homs last night, where brutal clashes erupted between the two parties without any progress, Homs Northern Rural operation room reported.

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Brutal Clashes Between Rebels, Regime Forces in Homs Northern Rural

Violent clashes have erupted between rebels and regime forces in response for targeting civilians in Homs northern rural last night on Saturday.

Mutual bombardement between rebels and regime forces took place in the northern rural of Homs, in response for targeting civilians in Teer Ma’la village, besides, clashes erupted between rebels and regime forces on the front of al-Mahta village in the same rural , Homs Media Center reported.

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