Child Frozen to Death in Tent Settlement in Rural of Hasakah

One child died from cold on Sunday in the camp of al-Houl in the countryside of Hasakah.

Hasakah Youth Collective reported on Sunday that a child was frozen to death in al-Houl Camp in the countryside of Hasakah city amid bitter cold and dire humanitarian conditions in the tent settlement.

Residents in the camp face harsh circumstances in the wake of bitter cold, heavy rain falls and shortage of warming means.

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Protest Against Dire Living Conditions in al-Houl Camp

Residents in al-Houl camp held a demonstration on Saturday hours after a new child was frozen to death in the camp amid shortage of services in the camp sheltering thousands refugees.

Activist Suhaib al-Hasakawi mentioned on his Facebook page that refugees in al-Houl Camp, held by the Self Governance, in the countryside of Hasakah protested against the poor services and negligence in the camp to which over 40 thousand refugees fled the fight in Deir Ezzor.

A 6-month infant from Mu Hasan town eastern Deir Ezzor died from bitter cold and lack of medical and health care in the camp.

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7 Children Frozen to Death in al-Houl Camp

People on al-Houl Camp, that is held by Syrian Democratic Forces, in the rural eastern Hasakah province face dire circumstances and absence of care inflicting casualty of 7 Children who died from the cold in the camp.

al-Khabar TV, citing sources from Hasakah, reported that 7 children including Iraqis, were frozen to death in al-Houl Camp recently due to freezing cold, shortage of food and absence of health care by organizations and Syrian Democratic Forces which administrate it.

In the last similar incident, a 18-months Iraqi child was frozen to death in the wake of the bitter cold hitting the area.

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2 Displaced Children Die in Rural of Hasakah

Two children died on Sunday in the refuging camp of al-Houl situated in the countryside of Hasakah.

The media activist Suhaib al-Haskawi reported that a 9-month child died this morning as she succumbed to her burns after a fire erupted in the tent sheltering her family last night in al-Houl camp for internal refugees in the rural eastern Hasakah province.

Besides, a 6-month child of the camp residents died hours earlier because of the freezing cold amid absence of warming means.

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Mother and Child Die as Mud House Collapses in Hasakah

One woman and her child passed away on Sunday as their house fell apart in the rural western Hasakah province.

Hasakah Youths Collective, a news outlet, reported that a fire erupted in a house of a woman in Makhrom village west of Hasakah. The fire led to the collapse of the old mud house claiming the soul of the lady and her child, and wounding her other child.

It is worthy mentioning that a 5-member family passed away in al-Salehin neighborhood in Aleppo, as a residential building fell apart.

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Military Convoy For US-led Coalition Enters Hasakah Coming from Iraq

A miliyary convoy for the International Coalition crossed the Iraqi frontier into Syria’s Hasakah heading Tal Abyad city northern Raqqa on Saturday.

Euphrates Post network, an activists collective, mentioned on Saturday that a convoy of 75 vehicles including 30 trucks loaded with hummers, 20 truck carrying Jeeps and 5 trucks tranporting SUVs, crossed the Syria-Iraq borders into Hasakah to head Tal Abyad city northern Raqqa province.

US troops and Internatiomal Coalition strengthen their presence in the area northeastern Syria despite Turkish calls to halt deploying more troops.

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Hasakah Citizens Attend Funeral of 10 Fighters of Syrian Democratic Forces

People pf Hasakah citizens held funeral of 10 militants of Syrian Democratic Forces who were killed in battles with IS east of Deir Ezzor.

Hundreds civilians and troops of Syrian Democratic Forces attended the funeral of 10 fightere who were killed in confrontations with IS east of Deir Ezzor in al-Dawoodia village in Hasakah province on Wednesday, Hawar news agency reported.

IS fighters have conducted several sudden attacks on Syrian Democratic Forces taking advantage from fog.

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Syrian Democrtaic Forces Control Most Important ISIS Stronghold South Hasaka

Syrian Democratic Forces have managed on Wednesday afternoon to seize one of the most important stronghold of ISIS in Hasaka southern rural without any fight.

Fighters of Syrian Democratic Forces managed to control Markada town in the southern rural of Hasaka last night as ISIS fighters withdrew from it without fighting over airstrikes by US-led coalition on the town, Euphrates Post page reported.

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 YPG Mourns 4 Fighters In Hasaka

YPG mourned on Tuesday four of its Turkish fighters who were killed on fronts in Raqqa city.

The citizens in al-Malekia city in Hasaka countryside on Tuesday, mourned 4 Turkish militants of YPG, where they killed during the battles that took place recently in Raqqa city , Hasaka Monitor website reported.


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YPG Mourns 7 Fighters in Hasaka


YPG have mourned seven of its fighters who were killed in clashes with ISIS fighters in the city of Raqqa recently.

Ronahi website revealed hundreds of citizens of Hasaka province participating in burying seven militants of YPG, where they got killed in engagements with ISIS in Raqqa city before seizing it completely.


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