Regime Forces Kill Youth West of Damascus

Troops of regime forces on a checkpoint in Zakya town situated in the countryside western Damascus province shot dead a young man on a motorcycle.

Capital Sound Network mentioned on Saturday that regime forces at Mamlouk Checkpoint in Zakya town western Damascus governorate killed a 17-year young man over an altercation between the young man and the troops who demanded ownership papers of the motorcycle.

Regime forces checkpoints spread on highroads and in neighborhoods in the countryside of Damascus governorate arresting youths for compulsory recruitment and reserve duty.

Syrian Press Center

Yabroud Citizens Deny Hezbollah’s Withdrawal from City

The residents in Yabroud city in western Ghoutah denied the reports in the recent hours concerning the withdrawal of Hezbollah militias from their cities.

Capital Sound website, citing sources in the area, denied that fighters affiliated with Hezbollah militia retreated from the city on Wednesday.

The withdrawal operation in the last two days was only changing troops to replace them with other troops, the source added.

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Reconciliation Figure Arrested in Mohja Town

Regime intelligence arrested on Friday one of reconciliation figures in Mohja town in the rural of Daraa.

Nors For Studies Center reported that regime’s air intelligence broke into the Farm of Radwan al-Hamir who is a senior figure in reconciliation with regime in Mohja town situated in the rural northern Daraa, and arrested him after seizing the weapons and munitions he had.

Last May, regime forces forced citizens in Mohja town to sign a reconciliation deal stating that rebels deliver their weapons and regularize their condition for lifting 4-month siege on the town.

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Casualties Including Children in Eastern Ghouta’s Land Mine Blast

3 children were killed on Saturday and others were injured as a land mine of regime war remnants in earlier bombing of Eastern Ghouta exploded.

Damascus Now, Facebook page, mentioned on Saturday the deaths of 3 children and the severe injuries of 3 others in an explosion of a land mine in al-Jarba village in eastern Ghouta.

Regime forces have controlled al-Jarba village in eastern Ghouta in May 2013 after ousting rebels from it. Back then, regime scattered land mines on the outskirts of the village to prevent rebels from pressing advantage.

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Regime Kills One of its Officer under Mysterious Circumstances

General Ahmad Khodr Taraf affiliated to regime forces was assassinated on Sunday by regime intelligence establishment.

Banyas Now, Facebook page, reported on Sunday the death of General Ahmad Khodr Taraf who was killed in unclear circumstances. He was the manager of the Technical Institute in Harasta in Damascus countryside.

Regime has assassinated several officers and officials in its government in mysterious conditions under the pretext that they were killed in blasts or of natural death.

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Military Security Arrests 15 Youths in Damascus Countryside

Troops of the Military Security took into custody 15 young men from Eastern Ghouta and al-Tal city for compulsory recruitment.

Capital Sound website mentioned on Saturday that regime’ military security establishment arrested 15 young men, 11 one of them citizens from eastern Ghouta while the rest from al-Tal city in the rural of Damascus, for compulsory enlistment.

Regime’s intelligence and military police have arrested over 150 young men from al-Tal city northern the capital for compulsory recruitment, the source added.

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Regime Forces Knock Down Qaboun Neighborhood

Following announcement about new organizational charts on the outskirts of Damascus, regime forces started on Monday to demolish Qaboun district near the capital.

Activists posted on social media a footage revealing troops of regime forces on the international highway Damascus-Homs between Qaboun and Harasta, blowing up the buildings in the area.

Regime government ordered Ministry of Industry to start knocking down its facilities in Qaboun area, according to al-Watan newspaper.

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Regime Arrests Scores Youths in Adra Refuging Center for Compulsory Recruitment

Regime intelligences took into custody dozens young men in the refuging center of Adra in the countryside of Damascus after they were summoned. They were transported to Harasta Air Intelligence directorate to enlist them for compulsory recruitment.

“Capital Sound” website mentioned on Monday that dozens youths were investigated over issues of being affiliated to opposition factions. Then they were transported to al-Dreig center north of Damascus for enlistment.

Regime intelligence establishment investigate young men about locations of munition storehouses in eastern Ghouta and massgraves of regime troops, the source added.

Syrian press center

Air Intelligence Orders to Arrest Persons with Reconciliation Document

Regime’s Air Intelligence establishment issued an order to arrest any person with a reconciliation paper in order to know their connection with corrupt officers and commanders or regime.

“Capital Sound” mentioned on Wednesday that Air Intelligence directorate in Harasta issued an order to arrest everyone having reconciliation paper in Barza neighborhood to investigate with him to know their relations with regime officers and another officials whom the directoratr call them “corrupted”.

Regime intelligence are on alarm in Barza neighborhood, as it conducts a wave of arrests against many people.

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Regime Forces Arrest 25 Persons in Eastern Ghouta in One Week

Regime forces took 25 persons into custody raiding houses, streets and shops in the towns and cities of Eastern Ghouta last week.

Capital Sound website mentioned on Wednesday that regime intelligence arrested 7 persons on the outskirts of al-Mileha town in eastern Ghouta as regime erected checkpoints inside the town.

Besides, troops affiliated to the Fourth Division arrested 7 people in al-Shayfouni town last week.

Regime intelligence conduct waves of arrests against civilians in cities and towns in Ghouta over several charges including communicating with relatives northern Syria.

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