Casualties in Car Bomb Explosion in Rural of Aleppo

2 troops of Free Army were injured on Sunday in the blast of a car bomb in the countryside northern Aleppo governorate.

Aleppo Today reported that a car bomb blew up on Sunday near the headquarter of Sultan Murad Division, affiliated to Free Army, in Sharan locality in the rural north of Aleppo city.

The blast inflicted 2 wounded troops on the side of Free Army who were transported to the hospital for treatment.

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Civilians wounded in Car Bomb Blast Northern Aleppo

Civilians were wounded this afternoon on Monday in an explosion of a car bomb in the countryside northern Aleppo governorate.

Our reporter mentioned on Monday that an explosive device inside a car blew up near Sandaf village north of Mara’a city situated in the countryside north of Aleppo wounding a number of civilians some of them in critical condition.

Civil Defense rescue workers rushed to the location to transport the injured to near hospitals, amid reports that one of them was transported to a hospital in Turkey .

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Child Succumbs to His Injures Over Building Collapse in Aleppo

A child died on Saturday as he succumbed to his wounds after a residential building came down in the neighborhood of Salah Adain in Aleppo city one week ago.

Aleppo News posted on Facebok on Saturday that a 15-year child passed away after he succumbed to wounds he had one week ago as a building collapsed when all his family members died.

Thousands buildings in Aleppo particularly the eastern part are ruined or otherwise dilapidated in the wake of the Russian air raids and regime missiles against the area in 2017.

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Internal Reugee Mother Kills Kids and Attempts to Kill Herself

A woman in al-Bab city in the countryside eastern Aleppo governorate killed her two children on Thursday.

al-Bab City Coordination reported that a woman who is an internal refugee from Douma city in the countryside of Damascus living in al-Bab city east of Aleppo killed her 12-year son and her 13-year daughter and then tried to commit suicide.

The displaced woman hanged her two children, but her other 16-year son managed to run away and inform the neighbors who entered the house and rescued the woman who was tried to suicide and transported her to the hospital.

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Child Passes in Car Bomb Blast East of Aleppo

One child passed away and 5 others were injured as a car bomb exploded in al-Awasi village in the district of al-Bab in the countryside eastern Aleppo province.

Al-Bab city Facebook pages mentioned on Tuesday that a car bomb blew up in maintenance garages in al-Awasi town in the district of Baza’a town in al-Bab area eastern Aleppo governorate claiming the soul of a child and wounding 5 civilians who were transported to a nearby hospital.

Besides, an explosive device exploded on the highroad between Manbij and Jarabulus leaving material damages in the location.

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Civilian Casualties As Salah Adain’s Building Collapses

Civilians were killed in Aleppo city after a building fell apart in a neighborhood in the city.

Aleppo Facebook pages posted on Saturday photos of 5-story apartment building that collapsed in the district of Salah Adain leading to the death of persons of two families, amidst the clash of reports of the death toll ranging between 9 and 11 persons.

Last December, a number of families evacuated their houses in al-Maghayr district in al-Kalasa neighborhood in the city over cracks in the buildings.

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Civilian Casualties in Manbij’s Blast

Blasts continue to rock Manbij city, held by Syrian Democratic Forces, in the countryside of Aleppo inflicting casualties on the side of civilians and military personnel.

The Military Council of Manbij, affiliated with Syrian Democratic Forces, mentioned on Saturday that an explosive device blew up in a car carrying civilians on the outskirts of the city on al-Saen highroad southwest of the city claiming the soul of the driver as initial toll and wounding others.

This occurred hours after an explosive device exploded in a military vehicle affiliated to The Military Council of Manbij wounding several members of the patrol and leaving damages.

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Civilian Martyr in Regime Forces Shelling in Rural West of Aleppo

One civilian passed away on Thursday as he succumbed to his injures in regime forces bombardment in the countryside western Aleppo province.

Our reporter mentioned on Thursday the death of a young man from Hower al-Esa town situated in the countryside western Aleppo governorate after he succumbed to his wounds in earlier bombing conducted by regime forces against the residential districts in the town one week ago.

Regime forces stationed in al-Hadir town south of Aleppo launched artillery assault against Abad village and Kherbit al-Kwasi on the outskirts of Hower al-Esa western Aleppo province leaving damages.

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Lady Survives Gang Attack in Aleppo

A lady survived in Aleppo city after gunmen raided her house on Thursday evening.

Jamayat al-Zahraa’a page reported that a woman who lives alone in her house in al-Shahba’a neighborhood was beaten up by a gang who attacked her house for robbery last Thursday.

The perpetrators hid in her house while she was out, and after the lady returned home they attacked her till she passed out. Then they stole her properties and ran away, the source added.

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Casualties in al-Bab’s Motorcycle Bomb Blast East of Aleppo

3 civilians passed away and others got injured on Thursday as a motorcycle bomb exploded in al-Bab city eastern Aleppo province.

Our reporter said that a motorcycle bomb blew up near the Central Park downtown al-Bab city eastern Aleppo governorate leading to 3 civilian martyrs and 7 wounded civilians who were transported to the hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile, an explosive device blew up in Qabasin town resulting in 7 wounded civilians, then a blast of a motorcycle bomb hit al-Ghandoura town in eastern rural injuring 3 civilians.

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