Om Hilal, aged 41 years from Idlib city, could not hold her tears of pain and grieve, she only prayed Allah ” Allah have mercy on us.. may Allah put end to our miseries ..give us relief. Regime as usual can not be trusted. The first stage of the deal has ended, yet my hausband, who has spent years, has not been released. They lied to us when they promised to release recently arrested people, may Allah give us patience”.
On the forth of April, the sides started to implement the first stage of the deal ” The Four Cities”; however, the deal was stumbled after the negotiator side represented in Iran and militias of Hezbollah changed the number of armed people who were supposed to depart within the first batch, in addition to raising the demands to release arrested from the villages and towns in the outskirts of Foua’ and Kifarya towns by regime.
With fast steps, Om Hilal rushed outside after hearing intendive shoots celebrating the arrival of the new displaced all safe as they left their cities to head refuging centers near her house. She cried in joy thanking Allah for their safety and wishing arrested were released so it could become complete relief.
120 prisoners out of 750 have been released by regime where they reached opposion held areas in Idlib within the deal ” The Four Cities”. The really striking matter which aroused public anger in opposion held territories including Om Hilal, is those new arrested people have been prisoned for less than a month.
Scores deaths have been the death toll of the explosion in Alrashideen area, most of them of opposition forces. The sides started to exchange the buses immediately after the explosion, where 5 thousand persons from Foua’ and Kifarya entered regime controlled areas, while 2300 persons from Madaya and Baqin entered opposition areas.
Regarding the second thing about the first stage, it started with the evacuation of 3 thousand persons from Foua’ and Kifarya and exchaning them with the rest of opposition fighters and their families in the cities and towns of Damascus western countryside in Sirgaya, Alzabadany and Aljabal Alsharqi.Cities and towns of Damascus western countryside were evacuated from opposition fighters for the militias of Hezbollah. The sides are done with the first stage but without the release of the arrested from the nearby villages of Foua’ and Kifarya by regime forces at the time releasing them was a condition to proceed the first stage.
Om Hilal neighbor fondled her shoulder saying: “your husbsnd is not the only one facing oppression.. thousands prisoners are trapped in regime prisons who need continual praying and more exchaning prisoners deals”.
A stage ended launching the second one of the deal which is supposed to start on the forth of coming June. All this occurres according to a series and stages of complete plan to find demographic change forced on armless civilians.

by Bayan Alahma
Translated by Sabah Najem
Syrian Press Center