Latakia countryside: Opposition’s Yarmouk Battle continues

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Nine Assad terrorists were killed on Sunday during battles with opposition fighters on the front of Shellif Castle in al-Akrad Mountain, Syria Live Network (SLN) reported.


An Assad tank was also destroyed by opposition on the front of Aara in al-Akrad Mountain, while Assad terrorists retreated from Shellif Castle, Kenseba outskirts and Tobal Castle, according to opposition military sources.


The sources added that battles of attack and retreat are taking place coinciding with air raids by Assad jet fighters, as Assad terrorists and allied mercenaries were trying to infiltrate into the area.


On its part, opposition negated the rumors which Assad regime media outlets spread about controlling Wadi Baasor, and confirmed the retreat of Assad terrorists.


It is worth mentioning that “al-Yarmouk Battle,” launched by opposition fighters on coastal fronts, resulted in recapturing vast areas in al-Akrad Mountain and Latakia countryside, which opposition has previously lost to Assad after the support of Iranian mercenaries and Russian air coverage.
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