Who Is Responsible For The Torture & Violations

“Either Assad rules or we burn the whole country”, it is a saying which has been always repeated by Assad regime Shabeha and pro allies during the years of the Syrian revolution; however there is no more country because Bashar Assad the head of regime is willing to remain in power even if there is no Syrian people; regarding the basic ruling issue, we are talking about a regime which pursues the strategy of methodological oppression considering killing and arresting at the time others disappeared without any trace. This regime seeks with every possible means to clear the scene from any witnesses.

Abo Abdullah (aged 47 years) is from Idlib city; he is a witness of the barbaric oppression where in his speech with us he authenticated crimes committed against him and other prisoners who accompanied him in the bitter journey of arrestment in regime prisons, he said:” I was arrested by many security branches before I was prisoned in the notorious military prison of Saidnaya. Actually I was arrested before the armed military operations in Syria, where arbitrary and forcing arresting was followed by regime forces”.
Abo Abdullah sat down on his right side in order to avoid the pain of his joints releasing some groans before proceeding his speech with us praying Allah from all his heart:” May Allah protect and avoid every Syrian citizen that entrance to the prisons of Assad regime; and I hope every supporter of Bashar to go through arresting by regime forces just to know the terrible dealing we the prisoners received including kicking with feet with which the prisoner is received then the journey of pain launches”
Our witness got up from the ground to walk few steps to decrease physical pains that resulted while he was arrested; he added:” I felt on the floor so they could kick and beat me up from all directions; four Shabeha (Assad militias) on whose faces cruelty seemed so clear kicked me where their tough and strong hands, and big mussels revealed their criminal intentions to commit crimes against the human felt in their hands. With untellable brutality they broke my ribs because I refused to sign the papers that condemn me. With my withstand and resistance, they hit me more and stronger to the extent I could not see or hear so I lost my consciousness. The prisoners who had weak bodies, they became martyrs in complete discreet and utter silence”.
Politicians are silent to those arrested and the international community turned a blind eye to the crimes and violations against thousands prisoners in regime custody where the number of arrested is growing. Regarding dying out of hunger, it is an endless torture for its great pain since the human turns to be dying slowly. It is harder than being killed directly with guns or a shell; it is unforgivable crimes.
Abo Abdullah finished his speech about a dark chapter of his life with pains hearting his heart:” Every war has an end and the most important thing about it is halting the killing and achieving justice as well as give the Syrian citizens their rights punishing those criminals who violated the humanitarian principles.. freedom for the arrested”.

By Bayan Alahmad
Transalted by Sbah Najem
Syrian press center

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