After Assad massacre in al-Rastan, volunteers remove debris from roads

Syrian volunteers known as the Syrian Civil Defence, or the White Helmets started today removing the debris and rubble caused by Assad jet fighters which attacked the city of al-Rastan in Homs northern countryside, Orient News correspondent said.


On Wednesday Assad jet fighters attacked many places, including the main marketplace in the heart of al-Rastan in Homs northern countryside. Eighteen people lost their lives in the horrible Assad massacre and tens were seriously injured.


Al-Rastan activists published on line a video on Wednesday showing paramedics in the makeshift hospital trying to give the first aid and emergency treatment to the injured lying on the ground following Assad attacks.


As Assad war on Syrians is still raging on and bombs are continuing to rain down on civilians, the White Helmets group is often a group of ordinary citizens who are the first to enter the destroyed buildings, scouring through the rubble and debris in search of bodies and signs of life.


The White Helmets group of volunteer rescuers was formed in 2013 and now numbers more than 3.000 volunteers.


Rushing to the epicentre of the most volatile parts of the country, these Syrian men and women often risk all to save all civilian lives.

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